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The province of Östergötland once had a large network of narrow gauge railways with a gauge of 891 mm (or 3 Swedish feet). The railways formed a continuous link from Ödeshög through Vadstena to Linköping and Norrköping. From these places it was possible to reach Örebro to the north or Arkösund and Valdemarsvik (via Söderköping) to the southeast. To the south, it was possible to travel via Åtvidaberg to Västervik and on to Växjö. Many other places, such as Motala, Borensberg and Skänninge, were also connected to the system.

Of these narrow gauge railroads in Östergötland, only the section between Vadstena and Fågelsta remains today. Our museum railway is based on this last stretch of line and is working to successively restart traffic.

The station area in Vadstena represents a significant cultural value. The unique roundhouse with its turntable was built from limestone taken from the quarries in Borghamn to the south of Vadstena. The oldest parts were built in conjunction with the opening of the railway in 1874.

The railway was extended to Ödeshög in the south in 1888. At the same time, a new station building was constructed. This is the station that is still used today for the museum’s activities. The trackwork around the station has almost the same configuration as after the 1888 changes.

Current activities

The only part of the narrow gauge system that remains is the 9.6 km section from Vadstena to Fågelsta. The museum railway has two steam engines, one railcar, several diesel locomotives and a considerable number of coaches and wagons of representative makes and types. We also have an interesting variety of machines for track maintenance.

We are currently in the process of bringing the track up to a standard that will allow us once again to run passenger trains over the whole length of the line to Fågelsta. It is of paramount importance for the survival of the railway to find both funds and people to do this work. A short stretch of the line has already been reopened during autumn 2006. If you feel that you would like to help in any way, please send an email to

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